Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The 'On-Goingness' of Constellations of Hope

On the final day of Constellations of Hope 2008, our facilitators used the World Cafe model to help us self-organize around collaborative projects and actions. One of the groups that gathered for brainstorming that afternoon was called together around the question "Is there 'on-goingness' for Constellations of Hope?"

The answer to this question was a 'yes'.

Yes, we should continue to invite women with organizational affiliations into conversations... which can lead to new relationships ... which is the safe space where real collaboration is birthed. These gatherings can happen locally or regionally, nationally or internationally or they can be organized around shared passions or challenges.

There are currently several explorations which have grown out of Constellations of Hope. Among them:
Constellations of Hope 2009 - There are several discussions about hosting a 2009 organizational gathering on the East Coast in the coming year.
Women's Spiritual Coalition - A new collaborative initiative is forming to explore the enormous potential of women's spiritual leadership for creating global change.
Local and regional dialogues - How can women begin locally and regionally to build connections among women's organizations?

Are you being called to build the collaborative community of women? Contact to explore the possibilities.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thank you from Constellations of Hope

Sixty women representing more than 40 diverse women's organizations gathered for a powerful dialogue November 7-10 at the IONS Retreat Center, forming a new Constellation of Hope. We will provide various reports about the outcomes in coming weeks.

Meanwhile, it is important to thank some of the people who made this event possible:

Regina Birchem – Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Dorothy Ettling – Women’s Global Connection
Kathy WanPovi Sanchez - Tewa Women United
Kathe Schaaf – Gather the Women

Anne Fitzgerald – Lead Facilitator
Ronita Johnson
Mary Martin

Internet Connections
Jeanie DeRousseau
Bruce Schuman
and their online collaboration tool LightPages

Funding for Scholarships
Barbara Sargent
Barbara Cushing
and the Kalliopeia Foundation

Fiscal Administration
Joy Adams
and Gather the Women Global Matrix

Melanie DeMore

Graphic Recording
Monica Sallouti

Administrative Tasks
Kathe Schaaf
Beth Blevins

Monday, October 27, 2008

Registration is closed!

It is with mixed emotions that we announce registration is closed for Constellations of Hope. We are thrilled that so many wonderful women and organizations will be coming together in less than two weeks ... and we are sorry that we cannot accomodate more of you.

We will use this blog to post reports on the themes and outcomes of the event, as well as opportunities for on-going involvement.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meet our Facilitators

During the past few months, a team of three skilled facilitators has been working together designing the agenda and dialogue process for Constellations of Hope. Each is a respected consultant with extensive experience in organizational development and circle process -- and all have been donating their professional services to create an innovative and engaging collaborative process for our event.

Anne Fitzgerald - Boston
Mary Martin - Vancouver Island, British Columbia
Ronita Johnson - California

We are deeply grateful for their valuable contribution of time and talent.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Room for a Few More

As we come to our registration deadline, we have more than 50 registrants representing at least 40 diverse organizations. We are a diverse community of women representing a broad range of ages, cultures and passions.

We have space for 10-15 additional women providing they can register within the next two weeks. We must submit our final numbers by November 1 and no registrations can be added after that date.

Ground Transportation from Airport

IONS has notified us of a change in their recommended ground transportation from San Francisco or Oakland airports:

Western Eagle Shuttle (recommended)

Shuttle service from either Oakland or San Francisco airport
$60 one way per person from San Francisco
$65 one way per person from Oakland
$10 for each additional person
Plan at least one hour travel to/from IONS depending on traffic
Reservations required
(415) 533 - 4466

Friday, October 3, 2008

Constellations of Hope: Agenda Overview

Guiding Principles

  • Our conversation will be wholistic--engaging heart, mind, body, and spirit.
  • We will use circle dialogue, a collaborative container, as the primary process for our coming together.
  • Every voice will be heard and every perspective equally valued.
  • Facilitators will guide the process; a graphic artist will illustrate our learnings.

    Friday Evening: Opening Session
    6 - 9 pm

    --Gathering and welcome - Convening Team
    --Our purpose in coming together
    --Introductions: Who am I who has come? How are we interconnected?

    Saturday: Me-You-We-All of us
    8 am - 9:30 pm

    --Principles for collaborating
    --What are we yearning for?
    --What makes collaborating a challenge?
    --Unexplored assumptions about collaboration
    --Enhancing collaborative outcomes through through cross-cultural understanding
    --Special Evening Celebration: Singer - Songwriter Melanie DeMore

    Sunday: Our Organizations- Extended Realites - Creating a Third Space Together
    8 am- 9pm

    --Identifying synergies
    --What might we accomplish together
    --Grounding our learnings
    --Next steps

    Monday AM: Closing Session

    --Reflections and learnings