Friday, July 25, 2008

Scholarship Criteria and Application Process

A limited number of Scholarships are available for Constellations of Hope at two levels:

$400 ~ which will cover the complete cost of event registration, meals and lodging (double occupancy) for the entire event as well as ground transportation from San Francisco or Oakland airport.

$800 ~ which will cover the complete cost of event registration, meals and lodging (double occupancy) for the entire event as well as $400 for airline travel and ground transportation from the San Francisco or Oakland airport.

Deadline for Scholarship Application: September 8, 2008
Notification of award will be sent by: September 19, 2008

Scholarship Selection Criteria

Scholarships have been created to assure representation and participation of individuals and organizations which are often under-represented: women of color, indigenous populations, cross-cultural communities and women living in poverty.

Applications will be reviewed by a committee of four to assure a balance of geographic regions, intergenerational representation, organizational focus and ethnic/cultural diversity.

To apply:

Submit the following information by e-mail to
~ Name and address
~ Age and ethnicity/cultural background
~ Name of organization and a brief description of its work in the world
~ Identify your role within the organization
~ Why do you feel called to join this collaborative conversation? (very briefly)

Shared Intentions and Assumptions

The co-creators of this event have come together around the following shared intentions and assumptions:

~We have witnessed a spirit-filled activism that is calling women to a new way of thinking and being.

~We have witnessed a growing desire among organizations to collaborate, recognizing that they are ready to effectively create something together that they cannot do alone.

~ We have witnessed that inspiration for tangible new projects and initiatives emerges organically when women come together to dialogue around a shared intention.

Regina Birchem
Dorothy Ettling
Kathy Wanpovi Sanchez
Kathe Schaaf

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why is this collaborative conversation important to me?

Why is this conversation important to me?

For these past six years, I have been working with women globally and with many different women's organizations. I have witnessed the creativity, commitment and resourcefulness being poured into these many hundreds of organizations. Each one is a reflection of a unique divine assignment; each one is an crucial piece of a larger pattern of women arising to bring balance and healing to our planet.

It is now time for these many organizations to explore together the magnificence of that larger pattern. It is now time for each of them to discover new abundance and greater effectiveness by working together with other organizations. It is now time to join our voices so that we might be heard loudly and clearly. It is now time for all of us to discover what we might be able to create together that we cannot dream of creating alone.

If you share this knowing and feel your cells vibrating in answer to this call, come join us!

Kathe Schaaf

Monday, July 7, 2008

Welcome to Constellations of Hope: An Invitation to Organizational Collaboration

Welcome to our Constellations of Hope blog. Here you will find updated information, evolving details and personal reflections about the collaborative conversation being planned for November 7-10, 2008 at the IONS Retreat Center in Petaluma, California.

Visit this blog often to catch up on details about:

~Individual and collective intentions and goals for the gathering

~The agenda and process

~Scholarship criteria and applications will be posted after July 23

~Logistical details (local transportation, weather, what to brings, etc)