Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The 'On-Goingness' of Constellations of Hope

On the final day of Constellations of Hope 2008, our facilitators used the World Cafe model to help us self-organize around collaborative projects and actions. One of the groups that gathered for brainstorming that afternoon was called together around the question "Is there 'on-goingness' for Constellations of Hope?"

The answer to this question was a 'yes'.

Yes, we should continue to invite women with organizational affiliations into conversations... which can lead to new relationships ... which is the safe space where real collaboration is birthed. These gatherings can happen locally or regionally, nationally or internationally or they can be organized around shared passions or challenges.

There are currently several explorations which have grown out of Constellations of Hope. Among them:
Constellations of Hope 2009 - There are several discussions about hosting a 2009 organizational gathering on the East Coast in the coming year.
Women's Spiritual Coalition - A new collaborative initiative is forming to explore the enormous potential of women's spiritual leadership for creating global change.
Local and regional dialogues - How can women begin locally and regionally to build connections among women's organizations?

Are you being called to build the collaborative community of women? Contact to explore the possibilities.